The 4 key responsibilities

The 4 key responsibilities:
1. Provide training and coaching (train the employees to have knowledge about the company goals and to improve it. Also, to explain for them about the tasks for their position. )
2. Write reports to compare organization’s performance (write the overall results and process of the way employees perform in the organization through out the year.)

3. Appraisal training programs that support organization goals and aligned with the organization’s firms plan (appraisal training is a process to assess every employee job performance and productivity in a way that its related to the organizational objectives.)

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4. Provide direct advice and guidance to managers and human resources departments. ( as a part of the HR department, an organizational development employee should give advice face to face and guide managers and human resources department on how to to increase organization effectiveness and productivity).

The 4 key requirements/ KSAOs:
1. Analytical thinking (is required that needs to research statistics to value firms employees and departments to decide what is working and may be improved.)
2. Problem solving skills ( are the most important in all jobs through employers as many firms depend on their employees to help and identify the source of a problem and find solution)
3. Knowledge of computer software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Email and Internet).
4. Written and oral communication (Witten communication is providing a message through research ,e-mail, text, report etc, while oral communication is something your talking with people or massage through spoken such as face to face , telephone or radio.)