Taylor Swift – Blank Space Meaning of Lyrics The lyrics to this song is all about the concept of a temporary relationship that exists for fun

Taylor Swift – Blank Space
Meaning of Lyrics
The lyrics to this song is all about the concept of a temporary relationship that exists for fun.
”You look like my next mistake, loves a game, wanna play?”
These set of lyrics connote that the female does not take love relationships seriously and she is only expecting fun out of it.
”got a long list of ex-lovers”
suggests that she must be known for having several relationships and perhaps is a
as she says.
”I’m dying to see how this one ends”
shows how she gets entertainment from break-ups which shows reflects her
and young personality. This is emphasized when she says
”I can make the bad guys good”
which explains how she will have control in the relationship and even empower bad guys.
”i get drunk of jealousy”
shows her girly persona and suggests why she may not last in relationships. However, the lines
”it’ll leave you breathless or with nasty scars”
shows how she seeks revenge and makes herself unforgettable to these crushes.
The music video begins with a long shot of the mansion that most of the video is shot in. This long shot establishes and introducing the main location of the video for audience. We are then shown several parts of the mansion mostly in long shots, such as the bedroom, the hallway and the dining area. This reflects the lavish lifestyle of the female character. There are also locations of picnic areas and the outer area of the mansion as we see extreme long shots with the mansion in the background.
Throughout the music video there is constant high key lighting as it is all shown to be filmed in daylight. There seems to be natural daylight and indoor lighting which enhances the look of the lavish mansion. However, in the intense parts of the music video where the concept of revenge and a break up is presented, there is more of low key, dim lighting to reflect on the atmosphere.
Camera Angles/ Editing
There are various different shot types in the video to establish the locations, facial expressions, actions and power of the characters. For example, long shots and establishing long shot is used to show the mansion and its surroundings. Close ups are used mostly to show the characters facial expressions along with over the shoulder shots which reflects the narrative and allows interaction with audience. Low angle shots are used to show the dominance of the female who stands high above on her balcony. In terms of editing, there are simple transitions but it mainly consists of cuts
Mise en Scene/Cinematography
The mise-en-scene in this music video is based indoors and outdoors of the mansion that is shown. The whole music video is filming around the surrounding area of the mansion as shown through camera angling and cinematography. The mise-en-scene is shown through the grand set up of the inside of the mansion, like the dining table which is filled with grand cutlery and posh food. There is also good mise-en- scene shown in the picnic scene with picnic items set up around the characters to reflect the narrative. There are panning shots to show action such as when the female is painting her boyfriend and the camera pans across the room to show this. Also there are simple zooming in shots to show the actions of the characters for e.g. when the female is drawing a ‘x’ on the males portrait with a knife.
Props/ Costumes
There are many props used to emphasize on the narrative of the music video. There are types of weapons used to portray the concept of revenge for e.g. a knife is used to show the female ruining the portrait, there is scissors used to cut the males clothes, there is a dagger used to scrape the couples names on a tree. There is flowers used to attack the male which suggests the idea of love and romance being ruined as flowers connote romance. An apple is used as a prop to suggest the female poisoning the male along with a cricket bat which the female uses to break the mans car.
The costuming is very effective as it portrays the wealth of the couple as they are shown in suits and wealthy looking dresses.