Take-home activities or Homework are viewed by some as a vital key to student achievement in today’s society

Take-home activities or Homework are viewed by some as a vital key to student achievement in today’s society (Tammi, A, 2017). In Rwandan new curriculum (Competence based curriculum or CBC), take home activities is one the formative and continuous assessment. Continuous assessment involves formal and informal methods used by schools to check whether learning is taking place. When a teacher is planning his/her lesson, he/she should establish criteria for performance and behavior changes at the beginning of a unit (Rwandan-Mathematics syllabus, p9). This means that take-home activities involve in teaching and learning process especially in mathematics.
Many school districts still believe homework teaches time management skills and responsibility (Tammi, A, 2017). G S KABARONDO B is one of the Rwandan school, use of take-home activities it still be low and the performance and motivation in mathematics it is also low, that is reason why this topic “Strategies to increase student’s performance in mathematics using take home activities” is chosen. Take home activities or homework is the way promoting independently research skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills and cooperation as generic competence which are more important in teaching and learning Mathematics.
1.2. Statement of problem
Homework is significantly and positively related to mathematics achievement (Fernandez-Alonso, Suarez-Alvarez, ; Muniz, 2015; Maltese, Tai ; Fan, 2012). Integration of take home activities/homework in teaching and learning process improves child’s achievement through practice and participation. Observation’s progression at G.S Kabarondo B showed that even if lesson had talked well it does mean all students are able to perform a task in Mathematics. In fact, take-home activities is one technical strategy used to help students to revise the lesson thought. Take-home activities were not neglected at G.S KABARONDO B but it was so low in mathematics. So, that is the reason why take-home activities were increased as way of increasing students’ performance.
3. Research objectives
This research was aimed to attain the following objectives:
1.To demonstrate the importance of take home activities or homework in increasing performance of learners in Mathematics.
2. To apply take-home activities in increasing students’ performance in Mathematics at G.S Kabarondo B.
3. To explore the ways take-home activities improve students’ performance in mathematics.
1.4. Research questions
This research was guided by the following questions:
I. What role played by take home activities to increase students’ performance in mathematics?
II. How take home activities may be used to increase student’s performance in learning and teaching Mathematics
III. What are the effects of take-home activities in Mathematics to S2 students at G.S Kabarondo B?