My research for this paper comes from one book and three scholarly that shows the problem of domestic violence and how it affects people

My research for this paper comes from one book and three scholarly that shows the problem of domestic violence and how it affects people. I have chosen this approach to focus most on women population that face violence and the negative effects on their health. According to the research violence against women is a big problem that goes across all the cultures. Married women and singles girls face many challenges and obstacles from a lifetime either from their husbands’ or family member and have no power to defend themselves. Most of these articles show the violence against all women and how they are seeking for help from support workers to get healed mentally and physically. My research outlines the impact of violence on women; discuss ways to help women overcome this tragedy, and explore how social work could be a helpful field to help women who are seeking for solution.

Part I—Literature Review
The Field of Service
The field of violence, victims, and criminal justice faces many challenges and has different systems to help those involved with the justice system successfully help victim people to fit into healthy environment, society, maintains their freedom, and make positive life changes. These fields often work in prison; they help clients who end up in the criminal justice system, whether as victim, suspects, or suffered from violence against them. The goal of social workers in this field is to respond to the needs of victims of violent crime. There are different cases in this field which some people are the victim of a crime which impact their relationships and ability to function or acclimate in social environment; while, other cases correlate with many different issues relate to different criminal acts. As a social worker they must know how to take immediate actions and know the needs of crime victims and what the requirements are and help clients by directing them to agencies that provide services for crime victims.
My Interest in this Field of Service
Growing up in culture that man take whole control on a woman was very hard. Growing up in the family witnessing all kinds of abusing and realizing the brutality was a part of my mom’s everyday life made me interest to choose this field. My mom faced violence from my dad for more than 25 years, as a child I witness the violence of being present in all the incidents and violence my mom faced from my dad, hearing the violence from my mom’s room being battered and seeing bruises on her face on next day made me live constantly in fear and anxiety from losing my mom one day. Witnessing violence in my family put me in low performance in school, have fewer friends because I was afraid to leave the house, and I hated all men when I was 10 years old. In my country Iraq there were no agencies, communities that defend on women’s rights or help them end up the violence they face every day. Abused women seeking help from churches, communities, and society was seem shameful and as a thread. Some women will get killed if they ask for their rights and some women will be thread if they seek for help. This field of service interested me more because I want to be a voice for all women who are not heard and to help them maintain their freedom.
Furthermore, I am interested to work in this field because I want to help as many women as I could who are facing violence either from their partner or from family member like dad or brother. Women who get abused causes them mental health problem which that could affect the relationship with family and workplace; this could cause some women to commit suicide to end their lives. Many women don’t know about social workers and what their job is, so they get afraid to seek help from society because they could not find people who listen to them or understand what they are going through and what prison life they are living in.
The Target Population
The Target population for violence and victims are single girls and married women who face violence almost every day. The women could be refugees and immigrants from different countries because the violence that was used on the women could be used on current country no matter what. The Clients would be single girls ages 14-20 who face violence from a family member either dad, brother, and brother in law, also; would be married women ages 25-50 that face violence from the husband. This problem could affect all these ages, race, socioeconomic, and all religions, because violence against women is all over the world. According to the research There are “specific types of violence are common, including honor-related violence directed at both unmarried and married women, abuse by other family members (such as in-laws, parents, and brothers), early, forced, and/or temporary marriages, sexual harassment, violence against girls and women in school, work, and healthcare”(Nossier,Samia A, 2015). This research shows that married and unmarried women are victims of different kinds of violence that could be everywhere and know no boundaries.
Women facing violence affect them physically and emotionally and cause them mental ill. Many women are facing violence and get abused almost every day seeking for help and support from support workers. As on research “Women who seek support from domestic violence and abuse services have recently experienced high levels of abuse, depression, and anxiety. Clinicians need to be aware that patients presenting with mental health conditions or symptoms of depression or anxiety may be experiencing or have experienced DVA”(Ferrari, Bailey, Howarth…etc 2016). That being said, Women who seek for help should be heard and understand by Clinicians or support workers what kind of life she’s living and what could be done to reduce the neither depression nor anxiety.
Practice Methods
Social workers that work in this field use Micro and Macro depending on what the problems are and how these problems are impacting on women lives and health. Micro focuses on working with individuals to solve problems and provides their needs and find appropriate place for the clients, health care and some social services that could help them overcome all the violence they face from their husbands or a family member. Some clients might prefer micro method because it makes them feel more comfortable talking to social worker individually than talking in group meetings, also; will encourage them to express their feelings more about the violence they face in almost every day.
In macro method the social worker focuses on working in many different positions including advocacy groups, communities, and community programs. Social workers use this method to work with communities programs that reduce barriers in services. For example, because there are not enough research about violence against women; social workers provide for battered women some agencies and communities that relate to the violence against women and what actions to take. According to the research “in cases where wife-beating occurs and cannot be corrected through therapy for the husband, the Conservative rabbinate has devised ways consistent to help the woman free herself from the marriage. This includes counseling to help her make the decision to extricate herself from the abusive situation, referrals to agencies that can facilitate that process and show her how to protect herself from further harassment”(Johnson, 2015).
The Roles of Social Workers in the Field of Violence, victims, and criminal justice
When working with the clients there are many roles that social workers take to solve the problems. Social workers in this field can use their skills they know to help their clients with better solutions and maintain their freedom by supporting them and provide better places to live for battered women that face violence from their partner. However, social workers make an impact on the client more when working individually or family counseling because that would help them protect the victim client from the violence and help create a strong relationship between mother and the kids that witness the violence. Social worker in this field need to keep up-to- date violence the clients faces and keep reviewing the case and see if the clients lives are improving
Part II—The Social Work Field of Service
The Presenting Problem
The problem of violence against women affects the lives of many of women who are victims of the violence. Women who face violence against them they get hurt physically and emotionally. As the research, “indicated that violence against women by current or former partners was present in 71.5% of cases and concerning consequences most frequent are sadness, anxiety, and fear”(Avdibegovic, 2017). This shows that women who get hurt physically and emotionally feel anxiety all the time and fear of knowing new people so they avoid relationships with others and become less commutative with the society. There are many women all around the world facing violence they don’t know how to defend on themselves or ask for their rights, however, these women somewhere in some cultures are silent and they experience violence every day either from their partner or their family member.
Barriers to Service
Battered women faces many barriers when they decide to make a decision to leave the abusive relationship they have .The first barrier to treatment would be that there are not many social worker services. Some women cannot afford money for the treatment because some of them don’t work so they rely on public services which sometimes shows now result because they don’t know how to deal with clients as social workers. Furthermore, some barriers to service would be that if abused women leave the house they will get killed or get threats of harming children, and receive harassment or threats from the abusive. According to the research “Real prevalence may be higher in the Arab world, as under-reporting of spousal violence in particular is common as a result of shame, fear of retaliation, lack of information about legal rights, lack of confidence in, or fear of, the legal system, and the legal costs involved”(Nossier, 2015). Every culture has different rules and laws; in Arab countries it seems shameful if women put her abusive under-reporting and that will put her life in danger.
Individual and Environmental Causes of the Problem
According to the research, “Lack of support networks, changing gender roles, and tensions between traditional gender norms and those of the “modern” city were reported as key contributors to Intimate Partner Violence. Urban poverty and with it unemployment, food insecurity, and housing instability also played a role” (Cardoso, 2016). All These problems were the cause of violence against women and added pressure more to women’s lives. When men don’t work they start using their power on women and control their lives to make them feel they are weak and some men don’t like to see their wives more successful so they try to use violence with them to stop this.
Values and Ethical Issues for Social Workers
Through social workers come in communicate with abused women in number of ways for years. Social workers have worked on many cases of women who face violence from their husband or a family member; they work either in courts or social services. However, there could be some dilemmas do social workers face in this field of service while helping the victims clients, which is the passion of success the recoveries of the clients and ethical issues which there is a conflict in the decision that were made. Also, right to self-determination is an ethical and value dilemmas because social workers do their best to make right decisions for the clients; but at the end they are not responsible for the actions that their clients shows. In this case social workers act strictly with the clients in this situation; however, social workers must respect self-determination to their clients because at the end they have right to make decisions as well and express their feelings. According to NASW’s code of ethics, “Ethical decision making is a process. In situations when conflicting obligations arise, social workers may be faced with complex ethical dilemmas that have no simple answers. Social workers should take into consideration all the values, principles, and standards in this Code that are relevant to any situation in which ethical judgment is warranted”(NASW code of Ethics, revised 2017).
Anticipated Income
According to the Bureau Labor Statistics Violence, Victim, and criminal justice “Social workers earned a median annual salary of $47,460 in 2016, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the low end, social workers earned a 25th percentile salary of $36,790, meaning 75 percent earned more than this amount. The 75th percentile salary is $60,790, meaning 25 percent earn more. In 2016, 682,000 people were employed in the U.S. as social workers”
Final Assessment of the Field of Services
After doing my research in this field of services I am more interested in helping abused women to maintain their freedom and not be under whole control of husband or family member. Provide more services that meet the client’s needs in social and community services which is providing a safe place for them and health care to get recovery. While doing this research I was shocked to learn about what life these victims of the tragedy are living in and there are many of women cannot defend on themselves and cannot be heard which is really sad. We need more researchers on this field of services to bring more information about violence, victims, and criminal justice so that could helpful for future social workers to get better understanding how to help women population who are facing violence against them. Also, more information need to be provided so it’s easy to solve the sensitive issues of clients. I will get to do more research on this field of service and move forward to become a social worker and work toward helping and serving this community.