In recent days we fairly became the customers of online shopping

In recent days we fairly became the customers of online shopping. The fast growth of online store has started to dominate the growth of Brick-and-Mortar sales. However, Brick-and-Mortar is still the king of shopping, The majority of the people use physical stores as their mode of shopping. When we compare offline and online shoppers, It looks like everyone has owned a personal opinion. However, while we love a good bargain and deals online, nothing beats being able to feel, touch or smell your potential purchase on the ground, physically at Brick-and-Mortar. For the past few years, There is a tight competition between online and offline shopping. In these few years, both online and offline retailing stories have made many interesting strategic moves to boost their business like the collaboration of Flipkart with Walmart. These strategies were beneficial to investors and founders, on the other hand, It also benefited buyers with their consistent prices along with fast&free delivery. When it comes to comparison, Both online and offline shopping has the pros and cons. We will discuss them in detail in the following lines.

When it comes to shopping, there are many pros and cons for both the modes of online or offline shopping. Starting with offline shopping, Many people say that going shopping makes them happy by trying many dresses and asking their favorite buddies about they look, which is not possible in online shopping. In Offline shopping, the customer can check the product like the texture, size and can try them before they purchase especially the clothing, where the online customer can set their size which may not fit them perfectly. At any physical store, there are no payment issues which is a worrying instant in untrusted small online stores. In the offline store, you can own your product immediately and easy returns, Always a time taking procedure in online shopping. There are few disadvantages like Limited stock, Limited shopping hours, have to travel to some other place for shopping.

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In these days Online shopping is a booming mode of shopping as it has many reasons for success like It has taken advantage of lazy shoppers by making the entire process work on fingertips. It has convenient and beneficiary aspects such as 24 hours shopping, allows all types of payment methods including cash on delivery. In online shopping, it’s easy to find things desired product than in the physical store. In online it provides an easy comparison between product. Online shopping saves our time, fuel and energy. Online shopping companies deliver products to our doorstep. In online we can find thousands of Brands and Millions of products at a single place which is an impossible event in physical shops.