Every individual has a different personality

Every individual has a different personality, therefor everyone copes with change differently. You can separate people into an extrovert or an introvert; an extrovert is an outgoing confident person who draws energy from the external world and an introvert is a person more focused on their internal word, focused on their thoughts and feelings. It can also be separated into how an individual decides; Thinking- is making decisions in an objective and logical way/ Feeling- is making decisions in a personal/ value driven and empathic way. Lastly it can be separated into what sort of lifestyle an individual enjoys; Judging- a more structured/ organised world which is more predictable and Perceiving- a more flexible/spontaneous world where decisions are not made until it is vital. For example, if a person has a preference for thinking, judging and introversion will have certain characteristics that might resist change (Cameron & Green, 2015, p50).