Dreaming of a Billion dollars Life is typically unsure

Dreaming of a Billion dollars
Life is typically unsure. It is full of possibilities and opportunities. Maybe its luck. Did you ever think of having a billion dollar? How wonderful it is. What will I buy? What will I do of the overflowing money that I have?
I had a dream last night of how my life would be if I have billion dollars, It’s just a one single day and I’m going to be a Billionaire. I imagine what would I actually do or what will I buy if I have billion dollars. Should I donate it or buy all my wants? When I dream last night I actually thought what if it will become a reality, how magical would it be. Maybe I’m the richest person in the world. I can buy my wants without looking the price tags, I can spend my money anytime. I can help those street children’s, or build a orphanage. There’s a thousand thoughts running on my mind when you say billion dollars. Imagine billion dollars is not just a game there are also millions of people want to have that kind of money. Everyone of us dream to have a billion dollars. When you have that kind of money you don’t need to work, you can be the boss on your own. Aside of those positive thoughts money can bring there are also negative effects money can lead to us ,Instead of seeing the positive ways money can enhance to you like family relationships or friend and financial but usually money can destroy things that closer to your hearts. Do you think money can make us happy? Yes but only temporary happiness money can bring. Money doesn’t buy happiness. But it will make you more comfortable, open doors, create opportunities, and make the good things in your life even better. It may even save your life or the life of a loved one. It takes hundreds of hard work to have that kind of money, but still everyone dream to be a billionaire.
In this life full of surprises, maybe one day you wake up and you will be a billionaire. Sometimes our dreams turn into a reality.