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Demie Cervantes
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October 14, 2018
My day today
My day today is on Tuesday the 22th of October, 2018. It is a day that is special to me. This is the day that am celebrating my day of birth, and therefore, it is my birthday. I have to celebrate the day I was born because as a matter of fact, it reminds me of the very time I came to this world. I thought it would be best to celebrate it in style as I cut a cake. All my friends are aware of what this day means to me, and they are all there in solidarity with me. Being part of a group of people who cares and shares your feeling like family is a beautiful thing. This is how I plan to celebrate my day today.

As a particular day, I would take this opportunity to fly far away with both my friends and family with an objective of celebrating it grandly. In so doing, it will make it as always a day that needs to be remembered and unique as a whole. The next thing, I will love to make this happen at a beach where I would be able to organize bonfires. Ultimately, I will take this initiative to visit and further explore the nearby states with both friends and family. This will even make it funnier because adventure s not only fun but “a sweet” thing to do. You can imagine how special it would look with all these undertakings. All in all, it is a special day!
(P.S. I am aware its not actually the 22nd. I just wanted to write about my day as if it were my birthday)