Definition 3D TV

Definition 3D TV, also named as stereoscopic TV, it is an effort to imitate reality. It is a visual phenomenon that results in a wrong or illusory visual impression, a hoax to make our brains think that something is look real or got depth but actually it’s not. It may sound a little bit dishonest, but there is nothing different to subjoin additional minutiae with HD cameras. 3D is totally dissimilar to high definition camera. This is because it has approximately the similar objective via technically speaking. 3D TV is also a developing technology which allows customers to enjoy some entertainment in their homes or in cinema. For example, play some video games or watch 3D movie and television programs. 3D technology nowadays has developed successfully by quite a lot of companies for home theatre ambience, but the ordinary household may need perhaps years away if they want to watch 3D TV in reality because they may cannot afford the amount of purchase a 3D TV. That’s vital due to the technology needs the acquisition of new television equipment for payment such as a 3D-capable Blu-ray player and a 3D -ready TV. Sony, Panasonic, LG and Samsung are several of TV manufacturers that are trying to makes 3D TVs, but their technology is not criterion. Diagram below shows a structural design of 3D TV system. An arrangement of hardware synchronized cameras is included in the acquisition phase. Producer PCs will connect small group of cameras. Video streams have been uncompressed and prearranged by the producer capture live using standard MPEG encoding. At the stage of transmission, compressed video stream is then broadcast over different channels over the transport network, which may be satellite television, digital cable television or Internet. Decoders will decompress the single video streams on the receiver side. The decoders are connected to a bunch of consumer PCs over the network. For instance, Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). The clients will come up with the suitable opinions and a Multiview 3D, standard 2D or stereo-pair 3D display will be sent to them. As we can see, the diagram above shows the increases of 3D TV display revenue in year 2008 till year 2018. There are two graphs in the chart such as line graph which represent 3D display revenue and bar chart which represent units of 3D display. These graphs are showing that the more and more units of 3D TV has been sold, the more revenue are growing up year by year. In this day and age, most individual are interesting on this because they think that 3D is something novel in reality. Apart from that, cinema owner will provide the 3D movie service for the consumer according to their needs and wants. Moreover, it can also increase the income of company. As a conclusion, we can say that 3D TV is a potential program which is worth being developed. That’s why 3D TV has been chosen as our selected title. INPUT DEVICES FUNCTIONS Mouse A cursor will be showed on screen and will be able to use it to select items directly When connect a mouse to the TV. When controlling an application with a mouse, it must be possible to select items, activate functions, and perform other actions. It is able to trigger a function by clicking on the relevant button direct showed in the navigation help area. Standard Remote-Control Buttons The buttons listed below are those most often used in applications. Depending on the product or the model of the remote control, they may have somewhat different functions or labels. A standard remote control has all of the buttons such as power, volume up or down, numbers, tools, info, etc. Pressing a button directly requests its function. Smart Touch Control The Smart Touch Control unveiled in 2012, and allows customers to sail across in four directions by moving finger across the touchpad. Buttons that are obtainable on a standard remote control, such as colours, playback controls, numbers, etc are arranged by category and accessed through on-screen menus. Video Input It is the process of encapsulating full motion images into a screen such as videoconference. A videoconference is a meeting between two or more geographically separated individuals who use network or the Internet to transmit audio and video data. For example, video call. To participate in a videoconference, we must have a microphone, speaker, and video camera mounted on 3D TV. OUTPUT DEVICE FUNCTIONS Speaker Speakers are one of the most common output devices used with computer systems to produces music, speech or other sound. Some speakers are designed to work specifically with computers or TV, while others can be hooked up to any type of sound system. Irrespective of their design, the objective of speakers is to produce audio output that can be heard by the auditor. Nowadays, 3D TV has various speaker in market such as soundbars, soundbases, powered speakers, and compact home theatre system. The different type speakers, the different function. Display devices A display device is an output device for presentation of information in visual or tactile form. The display is called an electronic display when the input information that is supplied has an electrical signal. The video show on the screen by display devices will more gaudily and will increase the visual effect. 3D Blu Ray Player A 3D Blu-ray disc player is designed to obey fully with the recently adopted 3D for Blu-ray Disc standard. The 3D Blu-ray player works is reading encoded 3D signal off a Blu-ray Disc and sends the 3D video information through the rest connection chain which includes 3D-enabled TV or video projector. The way of 3D Blu-ray Disc works is that the image information is encoded on the disc at 720p or 1080p resolution at 24 fps in a manner referred to as frame-packing. OTHER DEVICES FUNCTIONS Full Resolution using MVC – 2D mode is backward compatible – Easier to switch between 2D and 3D – Maintain high resolution Full Resolution using 2D Depth – Maintains high resolution – More bandwidth-efficient than MVC – Depth information created from stereo views Full Resolution Using Simulcast – Allows for different quality in left and right eye views – Easier to switch between 2D and 3D – Maintains highest resolution – Fully backward compatible System software consists of the program that control or maintain the operation of the computer and its devices. An operating software is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs. Bootable software is a TV operating system in smart TVs and set top boxes that makes it possible for a user to access and control advanced features and connected devices. TV operating systems allow a user to browse not just channels on satellite or cable TV but also on demand video services. The systems also access music, pictures or video content on connected storage devices or streamed. There are a few types of operating system in 3D TV which are Android TV, Roku TV, and WebOS. “Android”, it’s popular mobile operating system to run media players such as top boxes and Smart TV. Android TV uses smart content discovery and recommendations along with vertical scrolling and a row-based interface to show content on the big screen. Android TV is heavily combined with Google ecosystem. It supports voice search via remote control, comes with Google Assistant integration and thousands of additional apps and games can be download from the Google Play store. The brand of the 3D TV such as Philips, Sharp and etc. Roku TV provides over-the-top content it calls “channels” via the internet to millions of Roku-powered media devices. The designer of Roku TV designed the TV become famed streaming sticks. Ethernet port and Wi-Fi that users can connect to their home routers for internet access to a compatible flat screen TV are come with Roku streaming boxes. Roku TV is popular for supporting tradition TV if have a TV Antennae, thousands of Free and Paid-for HD video-on-demand apps aka channels such as Netflix, You Tube and many more. WebOS 3.5 is currently the latest version of the operating system. It comes with a card UI, a colourful menu, animated Clippy-like character called Bean bird to aid the user through setup, beautiful and intuitive interface. A Picture viewer for viewing photos is also included as well as an HTML5 browser for browsing the web. Voice commands are supported via compatible voice-enabled remote controls. WebOS allows to download more TV apps via the LG content store. Popular streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix. Applications software consists of program that performs specific tasks for users. For examples, a spreadsheet, an accounting application, a web browser, word processor, a media player, a console game and etc. By coding language, we can use web browser. Since the development and near-universal adoption of the web, an important dissimilarity that has emerged, has been between web applications — written with HTML, JavaScript and other web-native technologies and typically requiring one to be online and running a web browser, and the more conservative native applications written in whatever languages are available for one’s particular type with remote control. When we are feeling boring, we can find some video or music from app such like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Chrome and etc by 3D TV. We also can download some games from Play Store and we can play some video by media player. Advantages of 3D TV. Able Viewing 3D at Home We are able to view 3D movies, TV programming, and 3D Video/PC games at home, if we are using 3D TV.3D content also targeted for home viewing, if your 3D TV produced well, and it is properly adjusted, it can provide an excellent immersive viewing experience.3D TV usually gives the feel of Movie Theatre and you can experience the 3D movies at home according to your convenience. Not only movies, you can even enjoy sports, TV shows, video games all in 3D. Home-based Entertainment 3D TV can be home-based entertainment so that we no need to spent money on cinemas or other entertainment by just staying at home and enjoying a three-dimensional movie. Secondly, if you are a parent, you can persuade your children to sit quietly for an hour or two and just simply have a fun night with the entire family. 3D Are Better Than 2D Even if you are not interested in 3D now or ever, it is turns out that 3D TVs are better than 2D TVs. Due to the extra processing like good contrast, black level, and motion response. Those extra processing can make 3D look good on a TV, and spills over into the 2D environment, and making for an excellent 2D viewing experience. Some 3D TVs are capable of converting normal 2D video into 3D. This enables you to enjoy all the programs that are coming on TV in 3D. Every 3D TV is compatible with 2D video so that you can enjoy the 3D TV as normal TV that is usually present in every house. Disadvantages of 3D TV. 3D TV Are Expensive Some of the first VHS VCRs were about $1,200. Blu-ray Disc players have only been out for about a decade and the prices of those have dropped from $1,000 to about $100. In addition, who would have thought when Plasma TVs were selling for $20,000 when they first came out, and before they were discontinued, you could buy one for less than $700. The same thing happened to 3D TV. Prices were initially very high but came down somewhat on most sets after a few years, but they were still higher than non-3D sets. If you think the cost of a 3D TV and glasses are a stumbling block, don’t forget about having to buy a 3D Blu-ray Disc player if you really want to watch great 3D in high definition. That can add at least a couple of hundred bucks to the total. The price of 3D Blu-ray Disc movies hovers between $35 and $40, which is about $10 higher than most 2D Blu-ray Disc movies. Need a New Home Theatre Receiver If you connect your Blu-ray Disc player through your home theatre receiver and on to your TV, you may need a new one. Unless your home theatre receiver is 3D-enabled, you cannot access the 3D from your Blu-ray Disc player. However, there are workarounds that solve both 3D video and surround sound audio access issues. 3D Glasses Are Uncomfortable Many are bothered by having to wear those special 3D glasses. Depending on the glasses, some are, less comfortable than others. Also, wearing 3D glasses serves to narrow the field of vision, introducing a claustrophobic element to the viewing experience. Some may feel inconvenience in using these glasses and it is highly disturbing for a person who wants to watch TV continuously for long time. 3D Television had brought a lot of benefits to human in this high technology globalization. 3D Television used by many factories like entertainment for 3D movie, use 3D projector in education, business use for advertising and so on. Education Factories A study of the impact of 3D in the classroom has found that it improves test results by an average of 17%. In this study had proven that student will more consentrate when teacher using 3D technology in the part of teaching. The student will fell that 3D make thing more reality and interesting, so student is more concentrate and willing to study. Besides that, it also brings advantages to teacher, teacher can share more information or addition notes like video clip, picture, audio clip and etc. easily from Internet with wider data bases. Compare to whiteboard or blackboard that only word and task make student feel boring in study. By this way, teacher have more time to do discussion activities in the class. So, student can us 3D Television done their presentation and it can attract student attention in a very short time. Kill two birds with one stone, student not only can learn social skill and indirect student can practice their oral communication skill. With this technology can reduce burden of student to carry a lot thick and heavy textbooks to school every day. By using 3D Tablet, student can install all the textbooks in a light tablet. Business Factories In business, they will use 3D Television to do their advertising. Due to the reason this advertising look more, reality and easy to grab customers attention. Business can always post their latest product and promotion for introduce to their customers. It also helps business to reduce their cost on adverting compare to print out so many of poster for paste because using 3D Television can keep updating but poster not. In addition, 3D Television can even replace one promote that high paid and need time to eat and rest but it can play 24 hours non-stop. So, business using 3D Television could reduce promoting cost to get the highest profit. In filmdom, they had use 3D movie as their selling point. This can attract more customer go to cinema and watch 3D movie that feel more reality and exciting especially in watching Dracula movie. Furthermore, shopping mall digital signage use this technology will make customer find the shop location more clearly and easily in shorter time. Business can use 3D Television to set their sign board look more interesting and attraction. In conclusion, 3D Television had applied in human lifestyle but on only watching tv show in the house. It also helps in education to make lesson in class more interesting and student more focus in class to get a better result. Apart from that, it gives advance in every business to do advertising in lower cost and using 3D Television save a lot of paper on printing poster.