Chick fil a is thought to be better than cookout for many reasons

Chick fil a is thought to be better than cookout for many reasons. The ingredients used in chick fil a recipes vary from whole lemons and chopped apples, to fresh romaine lettuce and tomatoes. These ingredients are delivered to chick fil a several times a week. The members of chick fil a then use these ingredients to make many of the items on the menu.
Many of the foods on the menu are prepared by hand. These items are prepared right in the chick fil a kitchens. The meats are never pre-breaded that need to be reheated. Examples, chicken breast used the make the sandwiches, the strips, and the nuggets are all breaded by hand. This makes the food taste way better than being reheated.
In 2004, chick fil a entered a new phase. They focused on better responding to the customers’ growing demands. The customers demanded for more healthful and nutritious food. Chick fil a tried responded by adding new items to the menu like superfood sides. They also made ingredient changes to the old favorites, by removing artificial flavors from the dressings and sauces. Chick fil a also made a commitment to serve chicken without antibiotics ever. They have been working to help you feel better about the food you eat.
One last reason chick fil a could be said to be better than cookout, because chick fil a has restaurants stretched across 49 different state. You could get chick fil a from any state of the U.S except alaska. Each time a new chick fil a is opened the first 100 customers get free chick fil a for a year. While cookout is only served in 10 out of 50 states. Although they are only served in 10 states there are plenty of cookout restaurants in each state, there are more chick fil a spots all over the U.S though.