Braimoh-igbo Oluwafemisola Prof

Braimoh-igbo Oluwafemisola
Prof. Hinojosa
EDUC 1300-61201
4 September 2018
My Quality World
To me, before one can be considered successful is when one is able to afford the lifestyle they want to live and not having to live from paycheck. According to William Glasser, the author, having a quality world is the understanding of everything that is important to us (i.e. relationships, possessions and experiences, ideas and values to guide one’s life). My quality world starts today because gaining knowledge not just in the formal setting but also through the community setting is what most important at this stage of my life. In order to have a quality tomorrow, I would make good use of the real world experiences and use my initiative to help others in achieving what they want and not need in life.
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