As today

As today, there are always have an Improvement to the technology for example the news or information can be reach very faster throughout the world by using technology such as internet. So it is very vital to people especially students to become students with academic excellence. However, therefore this study to investigate about the benefits or drawback on how the technology produce students with academic excellence.

The research question as preferable by this studies, the basis this research is to respond to exploration questions which is;
1. Does internet give impact to students with academic excellence?
2. What can applications and software take place to influence academic excellence?
3. How does mobile technology help students to achieve their personal goals?
4. How does technologies in?uence their learning progress which is good or bad?
The research has 4 objectives to implement this studies are;
1. To define some issues about the use of technology in education institutions.
2. To show in a good way greater computer, use at school and experimental research on its effect.
3. Adapt educational institutional sets of learning conditions as computer ratios improve and digital learning useful valuable supplies base on internet increase.
4. Raise awareness among teachers, parents and policy-makers of the results of increasing technology in education.
The aim of this paper is to develop an entire people about innovation in education or specifically is the technology in education. This paper also to make everyone that is supposed to know such as among teachers, policy-makers and parents of the results of improving technology in education. The paper followed by a program about technology in education, it is about academic excellence can achieve easier if applied the technology in education. The proposal of this paper will be conducted for students.